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Dual Seater Ride on Car KP-6699

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There is a new JEEP line Children's electric car KP-6699 is doing the wind on the market. For other models, the KP-6699 is a serious competitor.

Highlights of the KP-6699 children's electric car:

Produced mainly from high quality plastic, with the JEEP tunnel shape, high chassis, electric car children KP-6699 delivers breathable, strong, feel safe for the baby when sitting.

Chassis, solid carriages, silver coated glitter, along with four wheels High plastic, with good slippery anti-slip groove. Combined with a modern spring shock absorber system, giving a feeling of quiet to the baby when driving on all routes.

Children's electric cars are smartly designed with handles cum always into a strong car, parents can pull the car to any location without much use of strength.

The high-end electric car is available in four colors: Red, Orange, Blue, White, along with LED backlight and impressive wheels. . To say is to look at the light with shining light to millimeters.

With 2 easy-opening horizontal doors, babies can get in and out easily.

The system of details inside the car is also very familiar: the steering wheel just hand baby; car screen is fully integrated USB system, memory card, jack connected to the phone; car horn, car audio programmed with catchy melodies, fun; car mirror, windshield is designed fashionable, beautiful ... There are many outstanding features of the car should be the parents and children explore.

Specifications of electric cars children KP-6699:

Vehicle type: Electric cars for children

Vehicle code: KP-6699

Dimensions: 147 x 78 x 88 cm

Battery: 12V / 7Ah

Engine: 4 engine + 1 engine

Weight Capacity: 65 kg

Speed: 3 - 12 km / h

Age: 1 - 10 years old

Mode: Autonomous and remote control


- 6 months for the battery (1 change 1).





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